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As with other credits of its kind, Lite Lender consolidated credit aims to reduce the monthly burden on its borrowers. How does consolidated credit work? Basically, it asks for new financing to “cover” old loans, usually with longer terms and / or lower rates. In the end, you pay a lower monthly fee.

And the consolidated credit Lite Lender? What documents do you need to submit to access it? What rates do you offer? What special conditions does this loan have? Let’s find out…


Main features of Lite Lender consolidated credit

consolidated credit

Lite Lender’s consolidated credit has a number of characteristics of its own in terms of financing amount, rates, terms, associated insurance, and others. Here are some:

  • The amount of credit granted can be up to 50 thousand dollars;
  • TAN can range from 8.95% to 10.50% (but be aware that the APR is always higher);
  • Deadlines ranging from 24 to 96 months;
  • The installment debit date is flexible and you can choose the same;
  • Possibility to access optional credit protection insurance.

In terms of commissions, you should know that for each installment to be paid, you also have to pay $ 2.88 + IS for each installment. Every month Lite Lender sends clients an extract where they can get all information about movements that occurred in the last month, as well as all that will happen in the following month.


Lite Lender Consolidated Credit Simulations

Consolidated Credit Simulations

For someone who needs 20,000 dollars to repay old credits, the Lite Lender consolidated credit offer has the following term:

$ 20,000 to 84 months

APR Monthly payment Total amount
12.04% $ 344.90 $ 29,139.60

In the case of someone who wants to take out a loan of 35 thousand dollars, the data collected on Lite Lender consolidated credit indicates the following:

$ 35,000 to 96 months

APR Monthly payment Total amount
12.13% $ 557.43 $ 53,705.28

Already for smaller amounts (10 thousand dollars), we find the following simulation:

$ 10,000 to 60 months

APR Monthly payment Total amount
12.61% $ 220.11 $ 13,326.60

Apply for Consolidated Credit


Documentation for Lite Lender Consolidated Credit

Consolidated Credit

To get consolidated credit at Lite Lender you need to present the following documents:

  • Proof of Income (IRS and last receipt or last 3 receipts);
  • Proof of NIB;
  • Citizen Card or Identity Card and Taxpayer Card;
  • Proof of address (Water, Light or Telephone – 1 of the last 3 months).

However, to make a good decision there is nothing like consulting the offer that best suits your needs. Through our funnel, you can see which consolidated credit best fits your future.

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