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Households’ debt burden increases – however, it is possible to reduce the cost of borrowing

According to the Bank of Finland, over 380,000 Finns already have a credit default entry. For example, the debt burden has been exacerbated by consumer credit, which is often drawn from many different places.

Maturity of loan installments

Maturity of loan installments

Some of us may identify ourselves with the following description: The maturity of loan installments can be forgotten as we try to control the other expenses of everyday life. The price for distraction can be high, as debt service fees, together with interest on late payments, can go up.

Taking care of many different due dates can be a laborious process. Beyond that, paying off your loan management costs in many different places can at least feel frustrating. Fortunately, there is at least one solution to the problem: loan consolidation.

Mortgage brokerage service 


FastCredit is a mortgage brokerage service that lets you effectively bid for mortgage loans, even for free. Once on the site, you can easily calculate your monthly savings with a loan calculator and it only takes a few minutes to complete your loan application.

FastCredit, such as Jukka, the father of a large family, and Anni, who has recovered from illness, have found a financial solution with a loan calculator. You can submit your application in minutes. When signing up for an online service, you can easily check out the loan offers from your lenders.

Estimated Monthly Rate: USD


E-mail address CONTINUE TO APPLY *) Example of the cost of a loan: With a credit of USD 10,000 and a repayment period of 5 years, the monthly payment is USD 232.5. The monthly installment includes a USD 5 monthly billing fee and a USD 90 opening fee. The total cost of the loan is USD 13,951.

The nominal interest rate is 12.60% and the effective annual interest rate is 14.9%.
Lenders make a loan offer based on a customer-specific assessment. The actual annual interest rate offered may vary between a minimum of 4.5% and a maximum of 30.6%.

The loan period offered varies from 1 to 15 years. The loan amounts offered are between USD 2000 and USD 60,000 and the loan amount offered may be less or greater than the loan amount applied for. The nominal interest rate offered shall be a maximum of 20% and the other costs of the loan shall be limited to USD 150 or 3.65% of the amount of the loan, whichever is lower.

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