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To make good use of the credit card, the ideal is always to pay the credit card bill in full in order not to pay the high interest of the revolving. But sometimes an unexpected happens and you realize that there will be no way, there is no way to pay the entire bill. What’s up? Will you face interest of 12% per month? ??? Calm! Before you decide to get into the minimum pay wave, check out the five good options I have set aside for you to get rid of this stolen one.

Sell ​​something you have at home

Sell ​​something you have at home

It may seem difficult, but it’s always good to keep that possibility in mind. Sometimes an old furniture, clothes you no longer wear or even miles you have accumulated in airlines can earn the extra money you need to cover the entire bill.


Pawn a jewel in the box

Pawn a jewel in the box

Did you think that no longer existed? Well, yes there is and it can save your pocket. The lien is one of the lowest credit lines on the market. To give you an idea, in 2018, the rate was 2.1%. Your jewelry is kept in the bank until you pay your debt and you can borrow it for the full amount of what you are giving as collateral.


Withdraw FGTS


That money you have saved from FGTS can give you the relief you need. Remember that the federal government authorized the withdrawal of up to $ 500 for active accounts. But if you have not yet reached your withdrawal date you can anticipate the value of the bank with lower interest. It is like a loan payroll loan with your FGTS.


Negotiate invoice installment

loan installment

Business is faster than the bank. Prior to the due date, please contact your manager to negotiate an invoice installment that is favorable to you. Keep in mind that there are credit facilities in the bank itself with lower installments than the automatic installment payment it offers. So negotiate.


Look for cheaper credit arrangements

credit arrangements

Speaking of cheaper credit arrangements, we come to them. Both your bank and other financial institutions, including Guimbao partners, have loans with lower interest rates than the revolving card. Here in Guimbao same interest rate is 5.8% per month.

Now it’s easy to escape the so-called rotating card trap, huh ?!

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Post Author: Karen Brown

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